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Recruitment Invoice Finance

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Recruitment Invoice Finance Solutions

With extensive experience of Recruitment Invoice Finance solutions across New Zealand, we can help improve your cashflow and enhance the service you offer to customers.

With our invoice finance recruitment solutions, we can provide funding to your business of up to 90 percent of the value of your unpaid invoices. There is no waiting for clients to pay, and we make the process as smooth as possible.

With this cash, you will be in a better position to pay the workers on your books even though your clients have not yet paid you.

Not only that, but we can also provide you with a complete back-office solution that is tailored for recruitment agencies that provide temporary workers. This back-office solution manages the admin of paying workers and contractors. The system also creates payslips for workers, and it will send invoices to your clients.

So, to summarise:
  • You can continue to give your clients the credit terms they want
  • You don’t have to wait all that time for them to pay, however, as we’ll provide you with the cash as soon as an invoice is raised and approved
  • We’ll also make administering your business easier and less costly so you can get on with growing and improving the service you offer to customers

Do you want to find out more about how our invoice finance recruitment solutions can help your business? Contact us at Industrial Advances today on 0800 227 400.

Recruitment Invoice Finance New Zealand

At Industrial Advances, we have extensive experience of the recruitment industry and of providing recruitment finance solutions to agencies across New Zealand. This includes experience of recruitment agencies that work in all sectors including warehousing, logistics, medical, teaching, hospitality, administration, and more.

This experience means we understand the challenges you face in your business, plus we can hit the ground running with a fully customised solution that delivers on the requirements of your business.

Here’s how it works:
  • You continue to offer your clients the credit terms they expect. In other words, your clients can continue to pay on credit terms of 30 days, 45 days, or even longer
  • Once your invoice is raised and approved, we’ll pay you even though your client hasn’t paid yet. We can even implement our back-office system in your business to manage the raising of invoices and other administrative tasks.
  • As you will have the money owed to you almost immediately, you will have sufficient funds to pay the temporary workers you placed with your clients

If you run a temporary recruitment agency, this is the invoice finance recruitment solution you have been looking for. Contact us today on 0800 227 400 to find out more.

Why Choose Us When You’re Looking for Invoice Finance Recruitment Solutions

  • Get the money outstanding on your invoices paid immediately
  • Continue to offer your clients long payment terms
  • Integrate our back-office system to manage administrative tasks
  • Finance recruitment solutions tailored for New Zealand recruitment agencies that specialise in providing temporary workers to clients
  • Our team has extensive experience in the recruitment industry
  • Our solution is suitable whatever industry you focus on or specialise in
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To find out more about our finance solutions for recruitment agencies in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand, please contact us today. Call 0800 227 400.